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January, 2020

10A H-Bridge motor driver with integrated current sensing and current sense output

The DRV8873 device is an integrated driver IC for driving a brushed DC motor in industrial applications. Two logic inputs control the H-bridge driver, which consists of four N-channel MOSFETs that drive motors bi-directionally with up to 10A peak current. The device operates from a single power supply and supports a wide input supply range from 4.5-38V.

First 60GHz In-Car automotive grade Radar-on-Chip announced

Vayyar Imaging has announced the first 60GHz automotive-grade MIMO Radar-on-Chip (ROC). The 60GHz solution offers the complete functionality of Vayyar's 79GHz reference-design, enabling the automotive industry to meet global EU NCAP and US Hot-Car needs. Vayyar's solution displays the dimension, location, breathing pattern and movement of people, utilising proprietary 4D point-cloud VOXEL imaging.


Motor driver with hardware interface and integrated current sensing 

The DRV8873 is an integrated driver for industrial and automotive applications. With 10 A peak current capability and 4.5-38V voltage range, this device supports a wide range of applications. PH/EN or PWM interface allows simple interfacing to controller circuits while also allowing independent ½ bridge control to drive two solenoid loads.

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Connected navigation released for Advanced Driver Assistance

TomTom has announced that its easy-to-use connected navigation has been chosen to feature in the new Alfa Romeo GIULIA MY20 compact saloon and the Alfa Romeo STELVIO MY20 SUV as part of a global deal, which includes China and Japan. GIULIA and STELVIO drivers will enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, automatic zooming and advanced lane guidance - all enhancing the user experience.

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Busting electric vehicle myths: is the EV hype fizzling out?

Following a surprise break into the EV market, Dyson’s £2bn project came to the end of the road in October 2019. As the famed maker of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers failed to find a way to make its project commercially viable, is the EV hype fizzling out? Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors, busts some of the myths in EV uptake. Why are people so reluctant to go electric?

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Imaging radar brings cognitive sensing to autonomous vehicles

The high performance radar platform company for the Autonomous Age, Echodyne has announced a breakthrough imaging radar for autonomous vehicles. EchoDrive is built on proven MESA technology and offers a new type of sensor functionality that significantly enhances machine perception. Echodyne will be holding private meetings to introduce EchoDrive to the AV industry in Las Vegas during CES.

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Life saving potential of Vehicle-to-Pedestrian tech showcased at CES

HARMAN has unveiled a new ADAS use case, called Vehicle-to-Pedestrian, which forewarns drivers and pedestrians to potential safety conflicts through the use of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology. Part of HARMAN’s safety system technologies, Vehicle-to-Pedestrian can be enhanced through 5G-fueled C-V2X networks, which in the coming years will enable all-new in-car experiences.

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Tech Spotlight

TMS320VC5510A Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processors

Power Module 1.5A 28V Input 5V Output 3-Pin SIP Module Tray

Inverter 2-Element CMOS 6-Pin SC-70 T/R

SMBus Multi-Chemistry Battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller with System Power Monitor and Processor Hot Monitor 1.024V to 19.2V 32-Pin QFN T/R


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