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17th January, 2020

Six pin high performance CRM/DCM PFC controller

The UCC28056 device drives PFC boost stages based on an innovative mixed mode method that operates in Transition mode (TM ) at full load and transitions seamlessly into Discontinuous Conduction mode (DCM) at reduced load, automatically reducing switching frequency. This device incorporates burst mode operation to further improve light load performance, enabling systems to meet challenging energy standards while eliminating the need to switch off the PFC.

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USB PD controller with integrated power switches

The TPS65987D from Texas Instruments is a stand-alone USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller providing cable plug and orientation detection for a single USB Type-C connector. Upon cable detection, the TPS65987D communicates on the CC wire using the USB PD protocol.

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The SPICE-based analogue simulation program

TINA-TI provides all the conventional DC, transient and frequency domain analysis of SPICE and much more. TINA has extensive post-processing capability that allows you to format results the way you want them. Virtual instruments allow you to select input waveforms and probe circuit nodes voltages and waveforms. TINA's schematic capture is truly intuitive - a real 'quickstart.'

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eGaN FETS to develop ToF in automotive applications

Time of flight (ToF) relies heavily on fast and accurate object detection. In automotive design, it is used in lidar systems for safety systems in advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS). Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has released the EPC9144 demonstration board, equipped with its EPC2216 eGaN FET to drive lasers with currents up to 28A with pulse widths that go as low as 1.2ns.

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Power supplies series covers outputs from 6 to 90W

Customers developing automation and industrial applications can now buy the TracoPower TBLC series of DIN rail power supplies at distributor Conrad Electronic. The TBLC series meets the safety approval according to IEC/EN 60335-1 and EN/IEC 60950. The power supplies are suitable for installation in sub-distribution or distribution housings in offices and homes (DIN 43880).

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Online platform for power electronics insights and trends

With Power & Beyond, Mesago Messe Frankurt adopts a 365-day presence approach for PCIM. Addressing the digital transformation of the exhibition business, Mesago Messe Frankfurt has launched Power & Beyond, an online content platform providing curated insights from the power electronics industry, providing a full range of power electronics trends to component releases.

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Tech Spotlight

DS89C386 Twelve Channel CMOS Differential Line Receiver

LMH1981 Multi-Format Video Sync Separator

UC2906 Linear Lead-Acid Battery Charger

TLC3548 14-bit, 5V, 200KSPS, 8-Channel Unipolar ADC


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