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21st January, 2020

Discover innovation and extend networks - embedded world 2020

Innovations live from a know-how exchange – where better to experience this than at a trade fair, which brings together the present and future of the embedded sector in discussion? Visit the embedded world Exhibition&Conference from 25 - 27 February 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany. Use the ticket code ew20ew to get your free ticket now.

Don’t miss the UK’ top electronics show

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics is the UK’s longest-running and most successful electronics show, putting you in touch with an incredible range of suppliers including, component vendors, production hardware and pretty much every type of subcontract service provider. Entry is free, there’s free on-site parking and a free technical seminar programme too!. To register for your ticket, simply click the link below.


The engineer’s guide to temperature sensing

In designing personal electronics, industrial or medical applications, engineers must address some of the same challenges: how to increase performance, add features and shrink form factors. Along with these considerations, they must carefully monitor temperature to ensure safety and protect systems and consumers from harm.

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Single-chip radar: for diverse proximity-sensing applications

The AWR1443 millimeter wave (mmWave) sensor is a highly integrated 76–81-GHz radar device that serves as a single-chip radar solution suitable for proximity-sensing automotive radar applications. The AWR1443 device includes the entire mmWave radio frequency (RF) and analog baseband signal chain for three transmitters and four receivers, as well as a customer programmable microcontroller (MCU) and hardware accelerator for radar signal processing.

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Is the UK transport sector ready for winter 2019/20?

In a recent study, scientists from UCL forecasted yet another extreme winter for the beginning of 2020. Those who had their lives turned upside-down by the infamous Beast from the East in 2018 will be hoping for a milder season. Unfortunately, it doesn't look that way. It is too early to know for sure what the upcoming months will bring, but if the UCL predictions are anything to go by, we must start preparing. Our climate is becoming more extreme and unpredictable.

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Power supply supervision circuits made simpler with DACs

When designers are defining a system-level power supply, one key consideration has to be the addition of the appropriate protection circuits in order to ensure that the design is not only effective, but robust. Although achieving system-level voltage and current protection can add complexity to your design, you can attain a solution with minimal compromise and cost by incorporating small, cost-effective digital-to-analog converters (DACs) plus simple window comparators.

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EVs propelling the high voltage electric heaters market

Rising environmental concerns and emission regulations have led to a paradigm shift in the automobile industry, from IC engine driven vehicles to the adoption of ecofriendly electric and hybrid vehicles. At present, the penetration of electric and hybrid vehicles is about five percent of the overall automobile sales, but it is estimated that in next ten years the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles will grow at a significant pace and will have a prominent share.

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Tech Spotlight

Power Module 1.5A 28V Input 5V Output 3-Pin SIP Module Tray

OPA129 Ultra-Low Bias Current Difet Operational Amplifier

OP Amp Dual Volt Fdbk R-R O/P ±2.75V/5.5V 8-Pin SOIC T/R

Hot Swap Controller 1-CH 18V 24-Pin VQFN T/R


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