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22nd January, 2020

Automotive 1.7-V remote and local temp sensor with N-factor

The TMP451-Q1 device is a high-accuracy, low-power remote temperature sensor monitor with a built-in local temperature sensor. The remote temperature sensors are typically low-cost discrete NPN or PNP transistors, or substrate thermal transistors or diodes that are integral parts of microprocessors, microcontrollers, or FPGAs. The temperature is represented as a 12-bit digital code for both the local and the remote sensors, giving a resolution of 0.0625°C. 

Analog Simplified - Win a Sample Kit from Maxim

Technology is growing smaller with each passing generation, but performance demands only continue to rise. Fortunately, Maxim Integrated has a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance analog products that you can leverage in your next design. And right now, for a limited time, you can win a sample kit containing all of their best offerings.


How to Migrate Custom Logic From an FPGA/CPLD to C2000 MCUs

The Configurable Logic Block (CLB) reduces total system cost and enhances functionality by absorbing external logic into C2000 microcontrollers. CLB uses function calls and a GUI-based programming tool called SysConfig to absorb external logic into the microcontroller without having to learn Hardware Description Language like VHDL or Verilog. 

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Basic considerations for sensors in the powertrain

Designing a better powertrain is the most significant way to reduce automotive emissions. Whether it’s improving the efficiency of a combustion engine or designing EVs or hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), electrification is powering a massive evolution of the powertrain as we know it. This whitepaper examines the future of powertrain sensors through the electrification of a vehicle in internal combustion engines (ICEs) and sensors in EVs and HEVs.

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Highly robust gate drivers ensure system safety

Power Integrations has announced the launch of its automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750V-rated IGBTs. The new part expands the company’s range of auto-qualified driver ICs, following the introduction of the 1,200V SID1182KQ driver IC. Compact, efficient and highly robust, the new driver IC uses Power Integrations’ high speed FluxLink communications technology to ensure system safety even during fault conditions.

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Sounder drive enables audio UI in sensors and wearables

Diodes Incorporated has announced an enhanced version of its sounder driver for small and portable devices. The PAM8904E delivers higher performance at a lower voltage in a smaller package. Miniature piezo and ceramic sounders are now used extensively in trackers, alarms, health monitors, security devices, and smart sensors as a form of audio user interface. The sounders’ small size allows them to be fitted into portable and wearable devices.

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Online 3-model library of LVDT position sensors for selection

NewTek Sensor Solutions now offers an online 3-D model library of its LVDT Position Sensors to ensure their seamless integration into a new application. Offered in .stp (STEP) and .igs (IGES) formats for near universal acceptance in CAD programs, the 3D models help OEMS visualise space requirements for sensors to optimise layouts for different sensing systems. The models help engineers choose the right LVDT as replacements for existing sensors.

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Tech Spotlight

Sample Rate Converter 48-Pin TQFP Tray

Conv DC-DC Single-OUT Step Down 2.95V to 17V 42-Pin BQFN T/R

Power Module 1.5A 28V Input 5V Output 3-Pin SIP Module Tray

Brushless DC Motor Controller 8.5V to 32V 40-Pin VQFN T/R


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