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24th January, 2020

Practical thermal design with DC/DC power modules


All DC/DC converters dissipate power in the form of heat. This heat has to be managed properly so that the converter maintains operation within the recommended temperature limits. Usually, the copper on the printed circuit board (PCB) is utilised to help dissipate the heat.

Synchronous buck DC/DC controller with wide duty cycle range

The LM5146-Q1 100V synchronous buck controller from Texas Instruments regulates from a high input voltage source or from an input rail subject to high voltage transients, minimising the need for external surge suppression components.


Comparison of vibration energy harvesting devices

Battery replacement in portable electronics is laborious, so the search is on for more efficient power sources. Among the different energy sources under research, vibration sources seem to be the most suitable for small-scale power generation for low-power electronics. Harvesting energy by converting waste vibration energy into electrical energy is useful.

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GaN Systems captures a place in the 2020 Global Cleantech 100

GaN Systems has announced that it has been named a 2020 Global Cleantech 100 company by Cleantech Group. The 2020 Global Cleantech 100 is the 11th edition of the respected annual guide to the companies and themes in sustainable innovation. It features the private, independent and for-profit companies positioned to contribute to a better future.

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An insight into the future of engineering


In November 2019, REO UK celebrated 30 years of excellence in electrical engineering by releasing its book, R30: The past, present and future of power, on Amazon Kindle. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK and author of R30, shares some of the top-level insight explored in the book. In the space of a generation, the world has changed tremendously.

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Shrink power and communication footprint by up to 80%

Designers of ultra-low-power portables and wearables can shrink the size of a power and communication interface to the charging dock by up to 80% with the MAX20340, the industry's smallest two-pin bi-directional DC powerline communications (PLC) device from Maxim Integrated Products. With power and communication on a single line, the MAX20340 eliminates pins.

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Tech Spotlight

Volt Supervisor Supply 5.5V 6-Pin WSON T/R

TPS63030 High Efficient Single Inductor Buck-Boost Converter with 1-A Switches

ADC Dual Pipelined 105Msps 14-bit Serial (1-Wire, 2-Wire)/LVDS 48-Pin VQFN EP T/R

OP Amp Single GP R-R O/P 5.5V 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R


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