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27th January, 2020

Accelerate Your Design and Test Workflow

In the race to achieve faster time-to-market, companies that employ modern product development processes succeed faster. TestOps, DevOps for design and test, is a new way to work that transforms electronic design and test development processes. Read the white paper to find out four ways in which a TestOps approach can deliver faster time-to-market and improved efficiency to your product development.

The engineer’s guide to temperature sensing

In designing personal electronics, industrial or medical applications, engineers must address some of the same challenges: how to increase performance, add features and shrink form factors. Along with these considerations, they must carefully monitor temperature to ensure safety and protect systems and consumers from harm.


Leveraging high resolution capture for single wire data transfer

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a powerful way of encoding analog signal levels and is commonly used for controlling DC power to an electrical device. PWM can also be used for data transmission by varying the output pulse width proportionally with the data to be transferred, but a powerful decoding unit is required at the receiver.

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Radar-on-chip solutions for short-range radar applications

The use of radar technology has grown tremendously in recent years. In the automotive context, the primary radar applications can be broadly grouped into corner radars and front radars. Corner radars (rear and front) are typically short-range radar sensors that handle the requirements of BSD.

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Eleventh Anti-Counterfeiting Forum seminar announced

It has been announced that the Anti-Counterfeit Forum’s 11th annual seminar, to be held on Wednesday 1st April 2020 at BAE Systems Park Centre in Farnborough, will focus on current trends and threats and new developments in combating counterfeits in the supply chain.

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Additional impact protection for electric vehicles

If an EV is involved in a crash, the DC/DC converter for the low- voltage vehicle electrical system can pose a hazard for vehicle occupants and responders if it breaks and comes into contact with live parts. Audi contracted Frenzelit to supply an aramid textile that covers the entire converter.

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Vehicle occupant detection reference design

This reference design demonstrates a single-chip mmWave sensor with integrated DSP, as a Vehicle Occupant Detection Sensor for detection of life forms in a vehicle. This design provides a processing chain which runs on the C674x DSP, enabling the generation of a heat map.

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Tech Spotlight

SN65LBC179 Low-Power Differential Line Driver And Receiver Pair

MCU 32-Bit Delfino F2837x C28x RISC 1024KB Flash 1.2V/3.3V 176-Pin HLQFP

Current Mode PWM Controller 0V to 30V 200mA 14-Pin SOIC Tube

Current Mode PWM Controller 0V to 30V 200mA 14-Pin SOIC Tube


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