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January, 2020

Connectivity solutions for autonomous flying

For the very fast growing market of autonomous UAV systems, Rosenberger has developed a variety of connectivity solutions and systems. These include connectors for transmission of high data rates up to 20Gbps for positioning accuracy when detecting and inspecting objects in GPS or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems, or systems for interruption- or error-free signal transmission between sender and receiver.

Are cobots inherently safe?

Recent results from the Global Robotics Report 2019 has identified that 79% of automation distributors do not believe their customers understand the safety requirements of installing a collaborative robot. As one of the fastest growing sectors of the robot market, this lack of knowledge could be dangerous. Nigel Smith, Managing Director of TM Robotics, quashes some common misconceptions about collaborative robot safety.


Sidewalk last mile delivery robots: a billion dollar market by 2030?

Last mile delivery is the most expensive part of the delivery chain, often representing more than 50% of the overall cost. This is mainly because it is the least productive and automated step. As such, many are seeking to bring automation into the last mile. In recent years, many companies around the world have been innovating to utilise autonomous mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicle technology. In this article, we focus on ground-based autonomous robots, it provides an analysis of the players.

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Are UAVs properly tested, or is development rushed?

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply UAVs, is booming. But with high demand follows the risk of rushed development. A good example is Beyond Line of Sight operations that have opened new possibilities but also implied new risks of both loss of connection, data or even the UAV itself. UAVs or drones have seen a significant increase in applications across all segments - government as well as commercial. The use of UAVs is no longer a rarity, but fast becoming the norm for solving challenges.

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Robotic platform coordinating control of up to 38° of freedom

The RoboMantis modular robotic system from Motiv Robotics is capable of quadrupedal walking as well as wheeled motion. With four legs and up to two seven-axis manipulators, it can have up to 38 degrees of freedom, offering unprecedented dexterity. Exploiting this dexterity, however, can pose a daunting task for programmers. Before Actin, developers of robotic systems needed to program intermediate waypoints to avoid collisions with the environment.

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First flying food delivery system launched in Sweden

Researchers at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden have conducted the country´s first aerial food delivery. The flight was autonomous and beyond line of sight. The drone flew from a restaurant on the outskirts of Link√∂ping city and into Link√∂ping University. The challenge has been to create the technical solution, develop and test a new safety system and acquiring the permit from the Swedish NAA (Transportstyrelsen) required for flights Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

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Tech Spotlight

OP Amp Single Volt Fdbk ±16.5V/33V 8-Pin SOIC Tube

Conv DC-DC Single Buck 3V 65V 10-Pin VSON EP T/R

MCU 32-bit C2000 C28x RISC 64KB Flash 1.8V/3.3V 80-Pin LQFP Tray

OP Amp Single GP R-R O/P 5.5V 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R


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