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1st February, 2020

Accelerate Your Design and Test Workflow

In the race to achieve faster time-to-market, companies that employ modern product development processes succeed faster. TestOps, DevOps for design and test, is a new way to work that transforms electronic design and test development processes. Read the white paper to find out four ways in which a TestOps approach can deliver faster time-to-market and improved efficiency to your product development.

Yamaichi Electronics presents M12 with internal push-pull locking “Made in Germany”

With the M12 push-pull with inner locking, Yamaichi Electronics is taking the next innovation step in the field of M12 connectors. The cable-side connector engages into the device socket from the inside with locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires only the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking.


IoT devices measurement insights seminar

Keysight’s Internet of Things (IoT) Seminar is designed to help you accelerate your smart innovation through precise and consistent measurement science, in the aim that you succeed in realising your vision of IoT. Take the opportunity to interact and speak with Keysight experts in solving your IoT design, test and measurement challenges from device to network.

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Details of 3GPP Release 16 and introduction to 3GPP Release 17

3GPP Release 16 - also called as “5G Phase 2” - is focussed on improving the gaps in R15 and has key focus on industry verticals. The R16 specification will be completed in June 2020. The webinar presents details of this 3GPP Release. Also in addition there will be introduction to 3GPP Release 17.

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Additional impact protection for electric vehicles

If an EV is involved in a crash, the DC/DC converter for the low- voltage vehicle electrical system can pose a hazard for vehicle occupants and responders if it breaks and comes into contact with live parts. Audi contracted Frenzelit to supply an aramid textile that covers the entire converter.

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Evolving automotive gateways for next-generation vehicles

A processor can address in-vehicle connectivity. Subbu Venkat, systems engineer, automotive processors, Texas Instruments explains how it works. As automotive OEMs continue to push for semi-autonomous and ultimately self-driving vehicles, technology developments will continue enabling a safer driving experience.

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Tech Spotlight

MCU 32-Bit Delfino F2837x C28x RISC 1024KB Flash 1.2V/3.3V 176-Pin HLQFP

SN65LBC179 Low-Power Differential Line Driver And Receiver Pair

Multi Function Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS 6-Pin SOT-23 T/R

Active Filter Dual SW-CAP UNIV 4th Order 30kHz 20-Pin PDIP Rail

OP Amp Dual Volt Fdbk R-R O/P ±2.75V/5.5V 8-Pin SOIC Tube

Brushless DC Motors Motor Only Cylindrical 60V 7.5A 1Shaft

LMT87 LMT87 - SC70, Analog Temperature Sensor with Class-AB Output

Battery Protection Li-Ion/Li-Pol 6-Pin WSON T/R

SN74ALVC00 Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gate

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